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Public Authority Reporting

Public Authorities Law

The Public Authorities Accountability Law of 2005 is intended as a comprehensive reform measure to ensure accountability of public authorities in New York. Under the Act, Metroplex is classified as a "Local Authority."

The Law, among other things, requires state and local authorities to submit a variety of reports; establishes the role and responsiblities of board members of state and local authorities; relates to the disposition of property by state and local authorities; and creates independent oversight and compliance management offices.

Section 2800(2)(b) of the law requires website reporting. To the extent practicable, each Authority must post on its official website documents pertaining to its mission, current activities, most recent annual financial reports, current year budget and its most recent independent audit report.

The mission of the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority is to enhance the long-term economic vitality and quality of life in Schenectady County by cooperative, purposeful actions and investments within the Metroplex corridor with particular emphasis on downtown.

Metroplex has many tools to revitalize Schenectady. It can design, plan, finance, site, construct, administer, operate, manage and maintain facilities within its service district. Metroplex project aid comes in several forms - loans and grants that are the traditional tools of economic development agencies; also with technical assistance or by connecting people with resources and information. Metroplex's activities are supported by county sales tax receipts (about $7 million for 2005) and the issuance of bonds.


Five-Year Capital Project Plan

2016 Committee Assignments

Metroplex Policies and Procedures

Metroplex By Laws

Metroplex Mission Statement and 2016 Performance Report

Metroplex Organization Chart

-- Approved Budgets --

Approved 2017 Budget

Approved 2016 Budget

Approved 2015 Budget

Approved 2014 Budget

Approved 2013 Budget

Approved 2012 Budget

Approved 2011 Budget

Approved 2010 Budget

Approved 2009 Budget

Approved 2008 Budget

Approved 2007 Budget


-- Financial Reports --

2016 Investment Report

2015 Investment Report

2014 Investment Report

2012 Investment Report

2011 Investment Report

Final Fin Report SMDA 2013

Final SAS 114 SMDA 2014

Final SAS 114 SMDA 2012

Financial Report December 31, 2016 and 2015

Financial Report December 31, 2015 and 2014

Financial Report December 31, 2014 and 2013

Financial Report December 31, 2013 and 2012

Financial Report December 31, 2012 and 2011

Financial Report December 31, 2011 and 2010

Financial Report December 31, 2010 and 2009

Financial Report December 31, 2009 and 2008


-- Property Reports --

2016 Property Report

2015 Property Report

2014 Property Report

2013 Property Report

2012 Property Report

2011 Property Report

2010 Property Report

2009 Property Report

2008 Property Report


-- Tax Abatement to Towns --

Tax Abatement Metroplex History 2014

Tax Abatement Payments to Towns thru 2013


-- Fiscal Audit Committee --

Fiscal Audit Committee Charter 2014

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 12/08/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 10/26/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 10/05/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 07/28/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 05/31/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 05/04/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 03/29/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 03/01/11

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 12/14/10

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 10/05/10

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 08/31/10

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 05/18/10

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 02/10/10

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 09/01/09

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 08/12/09

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 05/26/09

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 04/28/09

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 04/02/09

Fiscal/Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 09/03/08

Fiscal Audit Committee Meeting Notes - 04/02/08


-- Governance Committee --

Governance Committee Charter 2014

April 1, 2009 Governance Committee Meeting Notes

October 23, 2008 Governance Committee Meeting Notes

July 22, 2008 Governance Committee Notes

June 26, 2008 Governance Committee Notes

April 24, 2008 Governance Committee Notes


-- ALCO Redevelopment / Mohawk Harbor --

2014 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Mohawk Harbor Supplemental Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (2014)

2010 Final Environmental Impact Statement

Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement

State Environmental Quality Review

Amended SEQR Findings Statement

2010 Environmental Impact Statement

Appendix A - Public Comments

Appendix B - Public Hearing

Appendix C - Draft LOR

Appendix E - Updated Economic Analysis

Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement

Findings Statement


Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority
Center City Plaza
433 State Street, Suite 401
Schenectady, NY 12305
phone (518) 377-1109
fax (518) 382-2575